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We believe that individuals with disabilities supporting other individuals with disabilities is powerful and empowering. Our e-mentorship program serves post-secondary education students with disabilities. Students have access to mentors, who are university or college graduates with disabilities, to support them in meeting their goals.


Our e-mentorship program puts mentorship at your fingertips.

Complete our mentorship program online with an easy to use interface that guides you along the way!
Our built-in program guide helps you to track your progress, activities, and meetings with your mentor or mentee.
You’ll always know what activities are recommended at each phase of the program.


Our integrated calendar makes it easy to schedule real time, online meetings.

Mentors can use the calendar to let their mentee know exactly when they’ll be available.
You will receive appointment notifications and reminders to help keep your schedule on track
Mentees can choose the meeting time they find most convenient.

Chat with
Your Mentor

Each mentor-mentee pair has access to their own chatroom for private, real time communication.

Your communications are encrypted, so only you and your match can see them.
To ensure your information is secure, your chats will be password protected.
As an added security feature, the system will automatically log you out if you forget.

Access to
Resources and
Much More

Once you join the CommunAbility e-Mentorship Program, you’ll be able to access a variety of tools and resources to help guide you along the way.


You’ll gain access to a variety of different learning resources and modules.

Search Tools

Find the answers you’re looking for from your fellow mentors and mentees in the community forum.

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Once you apply, we’ll be able to match you with a mentor that best suits your needs, background and education.

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